Charlie Blues

Shows adapted for each age group

Disaster! Disaster! Our favorite superhero's magical and energizing apples have disappeared from their orchard. Horror! No more apples, no more teleportation! Charlie's fate is at stake. Cuttie will need his visions and his loyal following to come to the rescue of his great friend! She will teach him, in an extraordinary and fun way, to tame the anxiety that gradually invades him and to reconnect with his confidence. A frenzied performance by the unique Charlie Band is waiting for you to personalize this moment to the delight of its audience! Available in video format from August 2021 : the video shows are suitable for children from preschool to grade 4! With the video package, you can download PDF documents from your account and we will unlock a week of viewing the video, depending on the dates you want. We will contact you by phone or email to discuss the details with you! Adapted duration of 50 minutes.

Reservation of the live show

Do you want to offer your children the chance to see one of our live shows? You can book it today! For all live shows, you must contact us to find out about availability and the total cost.

Usually, the cost of a performance is $ 1395 plus taxes.
If your group of children is over 200 children, we strongly suggest that you consider the option of having 2 performances (or more). An additional $ 695 plus taxes per additional performance.

Call us now or leave us a detailed email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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