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Upendo Productions offer you two shows for your festival or event … We are everywhere in Quebec! Two themes are available to you: PLEASURE and HOLIDAY TIME.

The shows are suitable for children between 3 and 12 years old. Here are more details on each of the shows:

Charlie Blues

Fun and delirium

Summary of the show

Disaster! Disaster! Our favorite superhero's magical and energizing apples have disappeared from their orchard. Horror! No more apples, no more teleportation! Charlie's fate is at stake. Cuttie will need his visions and his loyal following to come to the rescue of his great friend! She will teach him, in an extraordinary and fun way, to tame the anxiety that gradually invades him and to reconnect with his confidence. A 50 minutes of absolute delirium, always sprinkled with magic and music, in constant interaction with the public! A frenzied performance by the unique Charlie Band is waiting for you to personalize this moment to the delight of his audience!


You can book your show in person only.

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A new trendy Santa Claus

For the fun

Summary of the show?

Nothing is going well for Santa Claus. Less and less mail from the children for the long-awaited holiday, the reindeer have become lazy and even Santa Claus is not paying him so much attention ... Morale is at zero! What can be done to increase its popularity and its interest in remaining the emblem of the holiday season? Cuttie will need his handsome Charlie Rouma and his loyal audience in order to put in place an original and effective plan. The goal? Get an up-to-date Santa Claus… a very trendy Santa Claus! A show suitable for children aged 5 to 12. Everyone without exception will have a blast! Magic, music and laughter guaranteed… A 50-minute trip which, thanks to its spectacular setting, will propel you directly into the magic of the holiday season!


You can book your show in person only.

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